ZWave Designs Ltd

What we do

We design a wide range of Z-Wave hardware and software solutions for Z-Wave Alliance members. With our engineering team based in China we have access to a wide range of local Chinese manufacturers who can assemble and test your products cost effectively.

Our expertise

Relax in the knowledge that our core team are experts, which means we know the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of developing winning Z-Wave products.
This means we have a great deal to offer in terms of project experience and guidance.

Our hardware engineers have extensive experience in designing Z-Wave products that can be competitively manufactured and our software embedded engineers ensure that our designs meet the required standards.
Using the very latest 500 series Z-Wave devices we can ensure that your products are innovative and cost effective.
We are specialists in designing PCB antennas to achieve the maximum range with Z-Wave products.

If you have existing in-house design capabilities we can provide your team with our in-depth Z-Wave design knowledge to ensure your product development is not only delivered on time and within budget, but also that your product is designed for optimum performance and manufacturability (DFM).